Shop Paloma's Story

Shop Paloma is founded by young parents of one since 2016. Since the arrival of our endearing little one, our life turned inside out!

As young parents, we always provide the best comfort and warmth for our little one. Through his expression alone, it is hard to decide which products are best for him. 

Through our experience, we have learnt that silky soft, natural, and non-synthetic fabrics always make them relaxed and happy. Thus, Shop Paloma is created! Because we (as parents) understand and are happy to help with the frustrations of every parents in choosing the best fabrics for them.

You can always count on us in making your little ones growing up comfortably, and making your new experience of parenthood even more joyful and enjoying more quality time and memories with them.

Let’s make the most out of your little ones’ childhood, let’s make Shop Paloma be part of your little ones’ childhood!